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Get Smart Hardcore

Posted on: 31st, Mar

Get Smart Hardcore

Check out this x-rated scene from the movie Get Smart. This hardcore scene definitely didn’t make it into the final cut. Let’s just say its way to x-rated to make it into any theater. Steve Carrell might play the bumbling Agent Maxwell Smart but when it comes Anne Hathaway, he’s an expert. He knows exactly how to get her dress off and his penis into her pussy. There’s no gags here, just x-rated fucking. It seems that even the top secret agents need a release now and then! Here we get to see him doing a lot of releasing, including all over Agent 99.

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Lesbian Super Heros

Posted on: 27th, Mar

Watchman Lesbian Scene

Take a look at steamy lesbian scenes from the Watchemen. I’ll admit that I haven’t seen the movie the Watchemen yet, but if it include these x-rated scenes, I’d be at the theater in a heartbeat. But I have a feeling these hardcore lesbian scenes would never make it into the final cut, it’s just too hot for the big screen. The girls take turns putting on strap on dildos, fucking each other with them, making each other suck on the dildos ike they were hard cocks and much more. They don’t stop until they’ve al had orgasms!

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